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  • Innovative Ship designs
  • New Builds
  • Marine CFD
  • Marine System design
  • Pipe stress Analysis
  • 3D Modeling and Visualisation

Our specialization covers different range of vessels with the whole aspect of design and engineering for new buildings. Our deliveries include all necessary documentation and services newbuildings. We are experienced in the design of:

  • Deep sea Fishing trawlers
  • Yachts
  • Dhow boats
  • Passenger vessels
  • Car ferries
  • House boats
  • Fishing vessels

One of the main activities AB design undertake is New Ship Building Consultancy and Project Management.

AB Design Has a team of skilled and dedicated Marine Engineers and Naval Architects with proven track record in project management and site supervision of new vessel construction. For New Building or major Conversion projects, we undertake supervision and monitoring of all activities including complete construction & erection, equipment tests, coatings, outfitting, testing and Sea trials. Our Focus is always on undiluted quality, meeting deadlines and delivering our client with superior quality vessels.

Computational Fluid Dynamics has now become an established tool for Marine engineering and Naval architecture. CFD methods are now routinely used, for example, to examine vessel boundary layer effects and wake, to predict propeller performance and to evaluate structural loads generated by fluid - structure interaction. 

AB Virtual towing tank is a one stop solution for all marine CFD needs, Our unmatched experience and knowledge in Advanced fluid dynamics provides cutting edge solutions to cater marine CFD needs for all  type of marine vessels.

Our Capabilities:

  1. Hydrodynamic resistance prediction.
  2. Hull surface optimization.
  3. Complete simulation of wave loads on a full ship or offshore construction.
  4. Hull speed prediction / Self propulsion tests
  5. Trouble shooting for retrofits of underwater hull equipment such as Sonar, Echo sounder, speed log etc.
  6. Optimum location identification of underwater hull equipment such as Sonar, Echo sounder, speed log etc. for new builds.
  7. Aerodynamic Optimization of Super structure.

AB design has a team of dedicated marine engineers, providing the full spectrum of marine engineering services to the maritime industry.

AB design provides the following services to the marine industry.

  • Engineering design and specification
  • Propulsion systems - design and appraisal/ evaluation
  • Auxiliary machinery selection
  • Systems design
  • Design appraisal
  • Conceptual design of marine engineering systems
  • Supervision of machinery system installations
  • Technical investigations into equipment and system failures
  • System design and development for new rule compliance
  • Electrical systems design
  • Drawing approval
  • Planned maintenance systems
  • Slow, medium and high speed diesel engines
  • Diesel electric systems
  • Gear drives
  • Shafting arrangements
  • Azimuth drives
  • Water jets
  • Optimisation of machinery systems for new ships
  • Upgrading of machinery systems for existing ships
  • Design of electrical distribution systems
  • Electrical load balance analysis to aid in sizing of electrical plant
  • Design of vessel automation systems including power management


AB design has a specialized team of engineers capable of performing pipe stress analysis for marine and land based systems. Besides the evaluation of a piping system’s response to thermal, deadweight and pressure loads, we analyzes the effects of wind, support settlement, seismic loads and wave loads.

Photo-realistic visualisation and modelling is an extremely cost effective method of enabling communication of the design, before full commitment of cost and time is required. From full photo-realistic renderings to simple clay models, these tools can demonstrate your design in an exciting way.

 This cost-effective technology brings the design to life and greatly facilitates communications with clients and other design team members during the tender and design stages of a project. Some of the benefits include:

  • Ability to understand and comment on the design without incurring actual material costs
  • Visual the impact of the design in existing surroundings
  • Improved control of material and finishes selection